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long time no update =)
Friday, September 02, 2011 • 9:47:00 PM • 0 comments

hyehyehye!!! long time no update . 
acctually lazy to update . soo tired :(
BUT happy ;)

this is the picca at home . so bored today . 
my spec senget jor and eyes so SEPET . hahah . 'AMOYY' .

yesterday, my cuzzy and i with her friends also went to raya at teacher home and other else . after finish raya, around 4 o'clock like that we went to KK. HAHA .crazy right . so late ady can went to KK . but nvrmind and the most important things is ENJOY !!! only five of us went to KK and all are girls ^^
fristly, we went to SURIA and wanted to watch 'FINAL DESTIBATION 5' but it is only for 18 ABOVE . all of them are 21 so all is 18 above. only me 16 . hurmmm . SWEAT ==' then we decided to watch 'THE SMURFS' in 3D . awwwww!!! so cutee . but full seat adyy . so LAME ==' then we went to CENTRE POINT. lastly, go seat ady but no in 3D . Nvrmnd and the most important is can watch MOVIE ;)

cute right?? love them so muchh . the smurfs so funny . hehhe . then about 9 o'clock we back to papar ;)

long ady my nails . haha . i like to look at my nails . hhaha . it looks like i polish it right at the up part that look white . acctually is ORIGINAL . haha . 

yoyo !!! today drink yoyo . my cuzzy bought it .. yummy =p

this is my favorite book . it is about our whole life. it is very intersting . and in chinese . ^^ but until not haven't finish read . hehhe . have no time lar . will try hard to read finish .

okay . thats all for today .

 p/s:[although feel tired but still happy . yeeahhh!!! enjot fully . ]

by:Betty Carolina 

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