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Sunday, August 28, 2011 • 12:57:00 PM • 0 comments

hye readers ^^ 
how are you all? fine right? hope so ;)

today wake up at 6:00 then wtch TV. after that around 9:30 , we out from house and went to PASAR . but doesn't have parking so went to UK . at there i saw many familiar face bu i not sure either is them or not . forget about it . Michelle want to choose present for her friend birthday . walk and walk and walk . then hungry d so went to KFC to fill up stomach . haha . we eat chesee wedges . yummy !!! the we back home . tomorrow plan want went to town with my cuzzy and buy chocolate . then i plan the next day again went to town and meet old friends but don't know they free or not . hope they free . i also want to finda ANGRY BIRDS for my friends and teacher .

okay . untill here for today ;)

 p/s:[enjoy so much . haha . stomach also full ;)]

by:Betty Carolina 

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