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so TIRED today ;'(
Monday, August 29, 2011 • 5:30:00 PM • 0 comments

Hello blogger . I feel to tired today because keep walking only like walk around the LABUAN island and waste money buy thing. I also wake up early in the morning. Actually early wake up is ot my style. I am lazy right? Hahaha . okay . now I will tell you all what I had do or today. Read it up ya ! enjoy it ! ;)

The story start from here :
we wake up around 6:30 and clean up. 7:00 we went to town. we went to medan because y uncle want to buy breakfast for us. then we eat at my aunt worked place. our breakfast is fried mihun with fried egg . yummy!!! but have lots of oil ;'(  after finish breakfast, around 8:00 we walk to poslaju to pay electrical fee. then we went to UK , we went too early to UK so doesn't many shop opened. three of us feel so tired to wait the shop open. around 10:00, we went to shop and ready to shopping!!! we went to buy ice shake--->chocolate with chocolate syrup and rice ball ice shake | mango ice shake | milky tea with coconut | yummyy!! :) love it so much . 
after finish 1st destination, we went to monegain to buy chocolates. WOW!!! my money almost finish with buying chocolates. I spent RM84 or the chocolates. how dare i? haha.
i also bought ANGRY BIRDS that my friend ask me to buy and aso my teacher. 
then, i have snap a lots my cutiest cuzzy picca.

okay. lets take a look of this picca ;)

[my cutiest cuzzy]

[my cuzzy--->NICOLE]
[cute right? my lil cuzzy belonged]

[awww ;) so cute the dolly .. likelikelike]

[1st & 3rd picca are my fried and teacher's ANGRY BIRDS .. mine is the secong ---> GREEN PIGGIE]

[lastly the chocolate ><" . hurrmm.. my money fly of this . hump!!]

okay . my story untill here for today . will update tomorrow if have time . 

 p/s:[although feel tired but still happy . yeeahhh!!! enjot fully . ]

by:Betty Carolina 


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